Idolmaster Starlit Season Release Date Revealed For PC Via Steam, PS4

Idolmaster Starlit Season Release Date Revealed For PC Via Steam, PS4

Bandai Namco revealed new gameplay and finally announced the release date for Idolmaster Starlit Season coming to PS4 and PC via Steam.

Bandai Namco revealed the release date for the brand new Idolmaster console game, Idolmaster Starlit Season, coming to PS4 (and PS5 through backward compatibility), and PC via Steam. Idolmaster Starlit Season has its release date set for May 27, 2021.

The release date and several new details on Idolmaster Starlit Season were revealed on a new Starlit Report live stream. All the new info is included below.

Idolmaster Starlit Season will be launching in Japan on May 27 for 9,020 Yen (tax included) in physical and digital. The Starlit Box – physical only  limited edition -, will be sold for PS4 for 15,180 Yen (tax included). Lastly, a digital limited edition titled the Digital Deluxe Edition will be sold on PS4 and Steam for 13,750 Yen (tax included).

The Starlit Box limited edition will include:

  1. A physical copy of Idolmaster Starlit Season on PS4
  2. The box itself with a special illustration
  3. Special edition of music magazine We♪ titled Galaxy
  4. A new 4-koma Idolmaster manga
  5. Idolmaster Starlit Season OST CD
  6. 29 photos of the idols autographed by their respective seiyuu
  7. A special big can badge with its stand
  8. An invitation to the Starlit Season event
  9. Original color DLC costume Midnight Gallery

The Digital Deluxe limited edition will include:

  1. A digital copy of the game
  2. Special Commu event “Secret Message”
  3. DLC song [email protected] Piece
  4. The DLC costume Starpiece Memories
  5. The DLC costume Pure White Swimsuit

First print copies of the physical PS4 version will include the DLC costume Akatsuki no Yukata.

Next, first print copies of the digital PS4 version will include an Idolmaster Starlit Season PS4 theme, the Colorful Session Theme. Those who preordered the digital PS4 version will receive a Haruka PS4 avatar.

Lastly, those who preorder the Steam version will receive the Idolmaster Starlit Season Colorful Session Wallpaper.

The Bandai Namco affiliated Asobi online store also includes shop-specific preorder bonuses:

Idolmaster Starlit Season New Gameplay

The new Starlit Report stream also included new gameplay sequences for Idolmaster Starlit Season.

  • 59:55 – live concert gameplay played by producer Hayato Kutaragi
  • 1:03:38 – Miyake Marie (Nana Abe) playing the game
  • 1:10:16 – Story part played by Kuroki Honoka (Amana Osaki)

The Idolmaster Starlit Season official site was also updated with all the details above. Lastly, the game’s Steam page is live as well. However, note that the Starlit Season Steam page is region-locked to Japan.

You can read everything about the story and concert parts of Idolmaster Starlit Season with our past coverage.

Idolmaster Starlit Season was only announced in Japan for now. Seeing the history of the franchise, it’s unlikely Bandai Namco will be localizing the game outside Japan. If it does happen, we’ll be sure to tell you as soon as possible. But for now, be sure to note Idolmaster Starlit Season is only releasing in Japan on May 27, 2021, on PS4 and Steam.