If You Create a Chris Benoit Character in WWE 2K15 You Will Be Banned from Playing Online for Two Weeks

on December 6, 2014 7:52 PM

One of the more exciting features of WWE 2K15 is the fact players can create their own character by simply uploading an image onto the game’s Community Creations.

While players can choose any decent image they want, it looks like people have been uploading an image of former WWE wrestler Chris Benoit’s face textures and have been greeted with a two week ban on the game’s online platform for their troubles.

While fans still haven’t forgotten him, WWE and 2K Games still consider him nonexistent, and Benoit’s family have asked WWE to not use his image in any future products.

For those unfamiliar with the Benoit/WWE situation, in June of 2007, the former WWE champion murdered his wife and young son in their home before hanging himself, and soon thereafter the WWE have been pretending he never existed.

So let’s all play by the rules and not upload the wrestler that never was.

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