If You Missed Last Night's Blip Festival Tokyo Stream, Tune In Tonight...

Last night’s performances were pretty awesome, with dudes like Kplecraft and Bitshifter ripping it up on stage, but if you missed their performances, don’t fret; there’s another round of performances coming up tonight, including chiptune-dubstep musician Cheapshot, the New York mainstay Nullsleep, Japanese synth-pop master Sexy Synthesizer, and the well-known chiptune-punk band Anamanaguchi.

It’s gonna be awesome, possibly even more so than last night’s performance.

Fellow chiptune musician and cool dude trash80 is coordinating audio/video streams for the event, with individual streams optimized for America, mainland Asia, Japan, and Europe. Check his thread at chipmusic.org here for more information, with links to the streams when they start up tonight. For the full performance schedule, check the official site here.

Justin Hutchison

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