If You Missed the Xbox One First Year Gift or the Recent PS4 Betas, This Could Be the Reason

If You Missed the Xbox One First Year Gift or the Recent PS4 Betas, This Could Be the Reason

Yesterday Microsoft sent Xbox One owners an assortment of gifts to celebrate the first year of the console, but many didn’t receive anything. The main reason for the issue (there may be others, but this one is definitely the first culprit) is actually pretty simple.

Many did not authorize Microsoft to send them marketing mails.

In many countries companies can’t send you any promotional mail unless you explicitly authorize them to. This includes contests, giveaways, and even gifts like yesterday’s case.

Xbox’s Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg was kind enough to provide confirmation to me yesterday, and has been trying to help users that didn’t receive the gift basically for the whole day, but besides helping on a case-by-case basis, there isn’t much the company can do about this problem on the general level.

Basically, and this is dictated by the law, if you want the goodies in future events, you also have to opt-in to receive marketing mail from Microsoft (opting-in to receive mail from third parties is not necessary). Here’s how it’s done.

Go to Xbox.com and click on “my profile” in the menu the top right (if you’re not logged in, you will need to). Then click on Privacy Settings, and finally on Contact Preferences. Below you can see the setting you need to check.


The same goes for PS4. Lately there have been several beta and alpha tests held by Sony including Bloodborne, The Tomorrow Children and more. If you don’t opt-in for receiving marketing mail, there won’t be any beta or alpha invites for you.

In order to activate it on your PSN account, you need to log in here, then click on “Account, ” then on “Notification Preferences” and finally check the option below.


Again, the second check authorizing the sharing of information with partners is not required.

Of course, authorizing companies to send you marketing mail also open the doors to receiving publicity and advertisement, that some might not enjoy, which is why many instinctively deny the authorization.

You’ll have to consider whether you prefer to get the good with the bad, or to get nothing at all.