If You Missed the Destiny Moon Event, Here's Your Chance To See The New Mission

By Fabian Ortiz

July 26, 2014

The Destiny Beta has been open for a while now, and gamers obviously want to play on every area that they can get their boots on. From the beginning, the intrigue surrounding the lone moon mission was getting tons of people excited for release, and when Bungie announced that the moon would be open to play on today during a special two hour event, the hype was unbearable.

2pm PDT or 5pm EST is a pretty weird timeframe for some people, as they might have had work or other obligations. This may be the only time that the moon is accessible to players until release, so those who missed out on the event will probably have to wait to experience it.

Or not.

We here at DualShockers believe in sharing the experiences that we have with you, the gamers, so of course we wouldn’t let you guys completely miss out on the latest event. We had our team sit down and play through the moon mission, while also doing a bit of exploring, and below you can check out the footage for yourself. It isn’t the same as actually playing it, however we’re sure you’ll get some excitement from just seeing the new area.

You also get the choose from 3 different weapons with a pretty sweet orange camo after you beat the mission, we have a video showing how to get that weapon and turn in the quest ready for you.

Check out the video below, and be ready because there’s more to the moon than meets the eye:

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