If You Want A Really Expensive Accessory For Your Assassin’s Creed Figure…

on October 1, 2011 2:35 PM

…here’s this thing. If you want to re-enact your Ezio x Leonardo fanfic where they engage in frotting while flying around on the glider, you can do that now. I guess.

You can buy it here for… 3,320 yen. For just the glider accessory. The figure isn’t included, and I’m pretty sure it came out several months ago.

You know what’s much better (and cheaper) than that? This Gamera figure. You know, Gamera, the classic Japanese movie monster who crawls out of the depths of the ocean to protect the children of Japan from various evil monsters. Everyone loves Gamera, and now you can have him as a pose-able action figure that can pose like it’s shooting flames and stuff.

And it’s only 2,600 yen.

Ball’s in your court, Assassin’s Creed merchandise.

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