If You Were Wondering, Here’s What Oblivion Would Look Like on the PS1

If You Were Wondering, Here’s What Oblivion Would Look Like on the PS1

Anders Lundbjörk is back again with another PS1 interpretation of a modern game.

Last month, indie developer Anders Lundbjörk posted his rendition of what Cyberpunk 2077 would look like if it were released on the PS1. The Twitter video poked fun at many of the glitches that players were experiencing due to the game’s horrific state when it launched and made the usual rounds gaining over three thousand retweets. Last week he did it again, but this time with the beloved RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Similar to his Cyberpunk 2077 video, the new video posted to Twitter reimagines Oblivion as if it were made for the PS1 and hits many of the memes that the Elder Scrolls series and Bethesda Games Studios as a whole are known for. It pokes fun at how many times Skyrim has been released and rereleased, the original game’s buggy A.I., and the unsettling and unbreaking eye contact NPC’s make when talking.

All in all, it’s a pretty great interpretation of how the game would look and function on a PS1 with the only exception being its smooth as butter frame rate. Lundbjörk addresses this in the comments by saying that he “forgot to render the video out in a lower fps.” Other than that, however, it’s a very convincing video.

To get the wobbly feel of PS1 games right, Lundbjörk says that he made the “game” using the Unity engine and a “shader that snaps vertices to the closest pixel of whatever low resolution of [his] choosing, to fake that wobbly look of PS1 games.”

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