I.G.I. is Coming Back and Developer Toadman Interactive Wants to Hear from You

I.G.I. is Coming Back and Developer Toadman Interactive Wants to Hear from You

I.G.I., a tactical FPS series from the early 2000s, is being revived by Immortal: Unchained developer Toadman Interactive in 2021.

I love learning about obscure games lost to time, which makes it even more intriguing to me when some of them surprisingly come back. The latest series this applies to is I.G.I., which will be seeing a continuation in 2021 courtesy of Immortal: Unchained developer Toadman Interactive.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Toadman Interactive has picked up the rights for this tactical FPS series that was lost to time. I only learned of this game randomly from an Uber driver, so I’d say it’s a pretty deep cut. Fortunately, the developers are dedicated to keeping this new game faithful to the series. At this time, not much is known about this new I.G.I game other than its release year, what state of development it is currently in, and where the game will take place in the series timeline.

Toadman Interactive’s new I.G.I. game is poised to a prequel to Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In and I.G.I.-2 : Covert Strike, with the game’s plot focusing on the “origin story of the I.G.I. organization.” As for how the game’s development is progressing, Toadman Interactive is apparently is still in the prototype stages, though there already is “a fun base game to play in the studio” according to Robin Flodin, CEO of Toadman Interactive. You can see a bit of gameplay towards the end of the teaser trailer above.

The development team also includes of the series’ creators, though who exactly this is wasn’t specified. While information on the game is currently scarce, one thing Toadman Interactive is adamant about is how they plan on intensively listening to the community throughout the development of this new I.G.I. game.

“The reason we are sending out this update is so that we can allow enthusiasts to provide ideas and feedback when we are in the early stages of development,” Foldin commented. “We want to hear from you fans to make sure you get to see the most out of this game.” Those who want to give input on this new I.G.I. game can directly contact the developers at https://toadmaninteractive.com/IGIFAN/.

DualShockers will let you know when Toadman Interactive decides to share more about this new I.G.I. which will release for unspecified platforms sometime in 2021.