Ikaruga Blasting Its Way onto PC via Steam Greenlight

on October 4, 2013 6:58 AM

Ikaruga is a name that hasn’t been heard in quite a long time: originally released in 2001 for arcades, the game soon grew into legendary status with its iconic “light/dark” switching mechanic, and notoriously high difficulty. Ikaruga found its way onto DreamCast and GameCube before eventually landing onto the Xbox Live Arcade a few years back, but now it looks like the game may finally find a home on PC, courtesy of Steam Greenlight.

A listing for a “tuned-up” PC version of the game appeared on Steam Greenlight recently from the game’s developer and publisher, Treasure Co Ltd, along with a list of features being brought over into the game aside from the tune-up, like local co-op and Xbox 360 controller support.

While no release date is mentioned in the listing, long-time fans of the amazingly fun (and frustratingly difficult) shooter should be happy to know that Ikaruga will be landing on PC, hopefully sometime in the near future.

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