ILL Looks Gruesome in This Horrific Mini-Boss Transformation Video

ILL Looks Gruesome in This Horrific Mini-Boss Transformation Video

The project isn't in full development yet, but it's looking very detailed.

Horror games are always trying to gross players out. Well, the ones with a focus on shoving disgusting images at your screen are anyway. And with Clout Games, it looks as if it’ll be doing a whole lot more of that in an impressive and yucky looking real-time render of a creature transforming in the studio’s project titled ILL.

ILL is a project for a game that’s being developed by Clout Games and to be a first-person experience with “Immersive visuals and thrilling designs” and “Advanced physics: interactive environments, active ragdoll, dismemberment, real-time body transformations”. This is according to the Patreon page for the studio.

That real-time body transformation has been showcased on Twitter in an incredibly gory looking video clip of a mini-boss. The video shows a humanoid beast transforming in real-time —although scripted— to become some weird looking beast with floppy skin and pouring blood. The character is being rendered in the Unreal Engine and making use of bone scaling, different model sets, and the engines simulation tools. All compiled together and shown below, if you want to see it in higher-quality it’s available on YouTube.

ILL has been described to give players an “easy-to-understand story” along with “shocking discoveries”, however, the project is not actually in full development due to the studio looking for investment and a publisher. The developer was formerly known as Woof Games and worked on mobile titles, however in 2020 reformed to start work on ILL.

Understandably there’s no release date to report or platforms, but the studio wants to work on ILL full-time. Examples of what to expect for cutscenes have been teased on social media. Also, embedded directly above is a short teaser for the game which showcases some first-person combat against some towering beasts that look nothing like Resident Evil Village’s Hot Tall Vampire Lady.