I’m Not Alone Coming to PC in June (w/Screens + Art)

on May 20, 2010 10:00 AM

I'm Not Alone Coming to PC in June (w/Screens + Art)

Zombie shooters, we all know them and we all love them. There’s something about another human that is wandering around in a quest for brains that makes us just decimate flesh via bullets with so much joy. Exploring a mansion and unlocking secrets in a highly realistic horror environment might not be something you haven’t done in a Zombie game before, but it is certainly something you may enjoy a second time around. From the inclusion of genre fan-favorite, puzzles, to the graphics of the title, this game shows promise. Enjoy the screens and game concept art after the break.

I’m Not Alone is expected to release June 18th of this year for the PC.

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