Imageepoch Drops Official Tokitowa Trailer, Details

Following their JRPG webcast earlier today, Namco Bandai dropped the official trailer for Imageepoch’s upcoming HD anime-style game, Tokitowa. You can watch it here on Nico Nico Video.

During the broadcast, Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage and producer Kei Hirano  gave a few details about the game. Mikage jokes that some of the older managers at the company mistook the game for an anime, which bodes well for the company’s promising an HD “moving anime” game. Tokitowa will feature a soundtrack by famed composer Yuzo Koshiro, whose music inspired the original designs Mikage penned for the project. Taiwanese illustrator Vofan is also on board the project, having joined production between the second and third prototypes for the game. 

Tokitowa is not a turn-based RPG, its gameplay closer to than of an action RPG, and will be ready in time for the Tokyo Game Show. The game will feature DLC, and although the game itself is only about 20% done, Mikage swears that game will see a 2012 release before winter.

Oh, and you can cheat on your wife. Or not cheat on your wife. Mikage may or may not have been joking…


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