Former Imageepoch President Teases New Game Announcement for February 2019

Former Imageepoch President Teases New Game Announcement for February 2019

Ryoei Mikage, former President of the now defunct Imageepoch, is teasing the announcement of a new game on February 9, 2019.

Ryoei Mikage, best known for being the President of Imageepoch before the Japanese developer went bankrupt in 2015, is teasing a new game announcement. Siliconera points out that a recent Tweet from Ryoei Mikage reveals that we will be finding out what the next title he is working on is in February 2019.

This recent tweet, which you can see below, confirms that news will be shared about this upcoming title from Mikage LLC, the aforementioned developer’s new company, on February 9, 2019.

That being said, the whole Tweet, which was translated by DualShockers’ own Staff Writer Iyane Agossah, highlights the fact that this new game announcement may not make that date. Specifically, Ryoei Mikage points out that plans could change depending on how Mikage LLC decides to handle the game’s announcement and promotion:

“Our next game should be announced on February 9 2019. But we’re still deciding on how to make to announcement itself and how to handle the game’s promotion, so the announcement might be a bit later than this date. I’ll be sure to notify everyone again when we do announce it.”

So, what could this new title be? For now, it’s fairly shrouded in mystery, but recent comments from Ryoei Mikage seem to suggest that the game could be based on an Imageepoch IP. According to Silconera, when Ryoei was asked by 4Gamer about his 2019 amibitions, he said the following:

“We’re currently preparing new titles with the joint company Mikage, using IP that was under production during the Imageepoch era. We’re making preparations to have an announcement in early 2019.  Stay tuned.”

While this could be referring to another title, this quote seems to line up pretty well with his recent tweet. Of course, you can expect DualShockers to let you know what this Mikage LLC title being teased is when it is revealed in a couple months. For now, former Imageepoch fans can look forward to an announcement that’s hopefully happening on February 9, 2019.