Impact Man Debuts in Mega Man 11 with New Intro Video

on August 31, 2018 12:58 PM

Impact Man is the newest robot master to be showcased for Mega Man 11 with his very own video. Impact Man is a construction bot not unlike Concrete or Guts Man but with sharp metal extremities for hands.

A dedicated robot who likes to see a job through to the end, Impact Man is focused solely on spiking Mega Man into the ground… permanently!

Due to his tough exterior and building foundations for future projects he has burrowed deep underground to await Mega Man’s challenge. Capcom even has sly reference to Guts Man with, “you’ll need guts to survive this challenging stage…” in their description. This stage will be full of electrical barriers, missile cones, pickaxe-throwers, and the threat of falling rocks should you misstep. In Mega Man 11 not only can you stock up on E Tanks but also Beat Calls which will summon the bird ally Beat to rescue Mega Man should he fall into a bottomless pit. A miniboss named the Pickman Digger appears on this stage and was shown briefly in the first Mega Man 11 trailer. As always, usage of weapons from other Robot Masters will be very helpful in progressing through this stage.

Impact Man himself will attempt to impale you with his sharp hands and can activate Power Gear which renders him unstoppable as he attempts to defeat you. Should you come out on top you get the Pile Driver power that allows you to dash horizontally that lets you stick to walls and pierce right through weak enemies. You can get a glimpse at Impact Man in battle yourself in the trailer below. Mega Man 11 will launch on October 2, 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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