Impact Winter Coming to PC Early 2017; New Trailer Released

Impact Winter Coming to PC Early 2017; New Trailer Released

Today, developer Mojo Bones and publisher Bandai Namco announced that their post-apocalyptic survival game Impact Winter is set to finally release onto PC sometime in early 2017. Further, Mojo Bones also released a new trailer to accompany the announcement. Impact Winter was originally scheduled to release sometime late 2016, however, the developer was obviously unable to hit that date.

In Impact Winter players play as Jacob Solomon, who accompanied by his team of four survivors will have to survive the next 30 days in a harsh, post-apocalyptic, and winter environment until help comes in 30 days. In the game you will also be accompanied by a robotic companion, Ako-Light, who will help you explore a hostile world and find solutions that will help you stay alive. Here are some of the game’s key features:


    Become leader and provider as you guide a team of 4 survivors towards your story’s conclusion. Utilize their unique skills and make key decisions as you work to stay alive.


    A harsh, winter environment that covers a derelict underworld. Witness dynamic weather conditions and time-of-day settings that directly affect gameplay and stats.


    Forge your own story. From solving team dilemmas to random events: your decisions will make each playthrough completely unique. Who will survive your adventure?


    Inspired by fictional droids like R2D2 and Wall-E, Ako-Light is your trusty robotic companion. Ako-Light’s many functions can be used to explore the derelict world, and upgrades will improve functionality.


    Your team will get cold, hungry, tired and bored just like you. Dynamic, stat-driven behavior means each NPC character will react independently – with their own wants, needs and emotions.

Hervé Hoerdt, VP Mktg & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe accompanied the announcement with the following:

“When Mojo Bones introduced IMPACT WINTER to us, we understood early on that this alternative survival experience, with its distinctive artistic direction will be a unique adventure for players. We’re really pleased to closely work with Mojo Bones on this project as we continue to expand our range of games.

Impact Winter is set to release for PC sometime in Early 2017. Below, you can check out the new trailer: