Impact Winter Celebrates Console Release with New Trailer

Impact Winter Celebrates Console Release with New Trailer

Impact Winter features a haunting new launch trailer as the post-apocalyptic winter survival game comes to PS4 and Xbox One.

Impact Winter was released on PC back in 2017 but has now arrived on the PS4 and Xbox One. To celebrate this release, a new launch trailer has bee revealed as the game hits consoles.

By playing Impact Winter, console users will be put in the shoes of Jacob Solomon, leader of a group of survivors in the aftermath of a cataclysmic meteor impact. As harsh winter rolls in, the game promises only one thing: in thirty days, help will come, but can you keep your group alive long enough to greet them?

The launch trailer highlights Jacob Solomon amidst the remnants of a once proud city now slumbering beneath a blanket of snow. The silent, flickering lights of what was once a civilization are now replaced with a near endless darkness as Jacob and his group struggle to survive in what their world has now become. Impact Winter boasts some beautiful set pieces, as illustrated in this trailer, and conveys a great deal of meaning in the toppled, snow-covered buildings without ever really saying a word about them.

Impact Winter was released on PC on May 22, 2017 and has now released on PS4 and Xbox One as of April 5, 2018.