Impressions: PlayStation Move Heroes Hands-On

By François Chang

December 10, 2010

Originally announced at this past year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) as Heroes on the Move, I recently got a chance to get my hands on the renamed PlayStation Move Heroes. Personally, I like the original name better, but the premise is still the same– the game features characters who have become synonymous with the PlayStation brand (Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper, and Bentley) and brings them together for one star-studded game. It will feature 60 missions, and each mission runs about 2-3 minutes. The missions are broken into 5 different styles of gameplay, and, as you can see, the game features a very quick pick up and play style rather than anything seen in any of the games the characters are from.

The 5 styles of gameplay include melee, disc, bowling, whip and gun-play. I got to get my hands on playing with the whip, and with the gun. First with the whip, I went through the training mode, and then made my way to clobbering some enemies. Using the PlayStation Move controller and secondary controller, I was able to whip, round up some enemies, throw them into each other, and charge up for a massive whip attack. It was fairly accurate, but definitely not 1:1 from what I experienced. It was a lot of waggle and hit-or-miss involved. I definitely did not feel satisfied about how it responded to my movements. It’s like the Wii remote all over again. The L2 button on the secondary controller helped lock-on to some enemies, and even this had some issues. Since there’s no use of a second analog, it was hard to keep the camera focused on the action.

After a modest session of whipping, I moved on over to some gun play. This made use of some pointer controls, and the gun had to be used in bursts, otherwise it would overheat. I thought it was pretty cool that the glowing ball on the PlayStation Move controller would blink red and orange when you overheated. This mode was more fun than the whipping sequences, because there weren’t as many camera issues and I almost lost all my health a few times.

After playing 2 out of the 5 styles of gameplay, I feel that they were very simple and didn’t offer the rich gaming experience you would expect with a game that brings together so many iconic characters. It’s unfortunate that they went with a very basic gaming experience, rather than a grand, epic game. Hopefully, the other 3 game types, along with the multiplayer, offer something more, because I was not too impressed with what I played so far.

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