Impressions: WWE All-Stars Demo

By François Chang

March 23, 2011

A week before release, the WWE All-Stars demo arrives for download at a little over 800 MB. The demo, like most demos, stripped away lots of what the game offers, and gives you the bare bones of what the actual game is going to be. There is only 1 vs. 1 matches, one area, and, get this, 2 wrestlers to choose from. WWE demos in the past, from what I remember, gave you at least 4 wrestlers to choose from. So, I guess they went extra cheap this time in fear that people will just play the demo instead of buying the retail copies.

When the demo boots up and you’re browsing the menus, a random wrestler’s entrance theme is playing. Setting up a match is easy, because all you can do is pick the only option that is not blacked out. The 2 wrestlers you can choose from is the Ultimate Warrior and Rey Mysterio. The game then introduces the match, shows the entrances of both wrestlers, and then the match in underway. I have to say, with so little this demo has to offer, I still had a good time with it. The game is fun, and this demo translates that very well. The demo does offer the option is increase or decrease the difficulty level, so it was fun trying to win a match against a super difficult opponent.

WWE All-Stars is going to be very fast-paced, enjoyable to play, enjoyable to watch, and any wrestling fan can appreciate seeing old and new wrestlers beating the crap out of each other. The game exaggerates every move, even simple dropkicks. The game also takes some ordinary moves and spices them up to the point where it would be physically impossible for them to happen in real life. If haven’t already done so, check out the demo. You have nothing to lose, and who knows, maybe even you non-wrestling fans will find yourself enjoying it.

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