Improbable Is Taking a Dip Into the RPG Pool

Improbable Is Taking a Dip Into the RPG Pool

Improbable, a studio made up of former BioWare, Capcom and Ubisoft developers, is currently working on an online RPG.

Improbable is developing their first game, and it’s an RPG. The game will be an online RPG, but it won’t be an MMO. The team developing behind the scenes will consist of former BioWare, Capcom and Ubisoft employees.

Earlier this year Improbable opened up two studios, and currently, the company as a whole has 350 employees. One studio is based in London, UK and the other is in Edmonton, Canada. The Edmonton studio will be lead by former Bioware general manager Aaryn Flynn, and the London studio will be lead by John Wasilczyk. Wasilczyk was previously an executive producer at EA DICE and also held positions at Infinity Ward and Epic Games.

During an interview with GameInformer, the CEO of Improbable, Herman Narula said, “SpatialOS [is]…not an MMO solution. We’re a solution that increases the vocabulary of multiplayer. What I do feel comfortable saying is that I’ve told Aaryn from the beginning, ‘Think about how we can make players have a greater say in what we create together,'”

Narula, like a lot of gamers, has a passion for video games and wants to create something gamers will enjoy. With this new RPG in the early stages of development. Flynn wants to create a multiplayer RPG that gives the player “A genuine sense of accomplishment.”

It’ll be a while before we hear anything else about Improbable’s RPG, but what we do know is the company has a talented team. We look forward to seeing what they’ll create for gamers and hope it’ll be something to remember.