Celebrate Impulsion’s Launch on PC with a Brand New Trailer

Celebrate Impulsion’s Launch on PC with a Brand New Trailer

The first-person shooter/puzzle game Impulsion is finally out on PC and to celebrate the developers released a launch trailer.

After being nominated for Best Student Game at The Game Awards last year, Driving Force Games’ Impulsion is finally available on PC, much to the excitement of fans. To celebrate this occasion, the game’s publisher Playdius Games has released one more trailer for the game, and if the others didn’t get you excited, maybe this one will.

While the trailer is a bit short, clocking in at just a little over a minute, it does give players a brand new look at gameplay from the first-person shooter/puzzle title. You can, just like always, check out the trailer at the end of the article.

For those that don’t know, Impulsion tasks players with changing physics in each level in order to reach the end. This done in first-person shooter style, where each gun manipulates a different aspect of the gravity, speed, etc.

Last month, Playdius and Driving Force announced as the game’s release date, as well as showed off brand new screenshots and a new trailer.