In A World Where Post-Apocalyptic Video Game Clips Are Newly Released…

on May 26, 2012 1:00 AM

Fans of the Metro series rejoice: new footage has just been released of the latest installment by THQ and 4A Games. The video highlights realism and combat in Metro: Last Light, which, by the looks of things, will be quite a hit in the gaming community. Players will need to focus on salvaging materials and maintaining what items they have; for example, charging their lights so that they can still use them, as the power will eventually die. In the video, enemies come to life with dynamic approaches and little details that are sure to delight the more strong-stomached players (and, specifically, those that aren’t too afraid of spiders – if you squish them in just the right way, they’ll actually splatter on your screen and you’ll have to wipe off the guts).

In the video, Huw Beynon (Head of Senior Communications) has this to say about the mix of combat and story in the game:

In Metro: Last Light, we’re really trying to tell the story. So, yes, we have combat in the game, although I think we have a much more [immersive] combat experience, we have broader environments, we have multiple ways of engaging the enemy… we also have these scripted moments, these scripted set pieces, they’re story-driven moments kinda completely outside the shooting experience.

If you’re looking for an action-packed, realistic post-apocalyptic adventure, Metro: Last Light is definitely one to keep an eye on. Veterans of the Metro series will want to note, however, that while Metro 2033 was based off of the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovski, Metro: Last Light is not based off of the literary sequel Metro 2034. The developers of the new installment are collaborating with Glukhovski, however, for story and environment-building purposes.

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