In Case You’re Wondering Where our Skyrim Review is…

on November 10, 2011 8:33 AM

If you read DualShockers, then you already know that when it comes to role playing games, we don’t mess around. The person handling our Skyrim review is none other than our in-house RPG guru himself, Mr. Chad Awkerman. We’ve had Skyrim in our possession for over a week now but if you’re familiar with the series then you already know that seven days is barely enough time to scratch the surface, let alone enough time to put together a really comprehensive review, which is what we always strive to deliver.

Embargo on reviews lifted this morning but if you’re waiting for ours just know that Chad should be answering your Skyrim prayers at some point after the weekend. In the mean time if you want to ask about his dragon ass-kicking adventures make sure to leave a comment here or reach out to him via twitter @chadness.

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