In Final Fantasy XIV You Can’t Sleep Outside Because Square Enix Doesn’t Want You to be Naughty

In Final Fantasy XIV You Can’t Sleep Outside Because Square Enix Doesn’t Want You to be Naughty

One of the new features of the new 2.1 patch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is housing, and if the pricing debacle wasn’t enough to make many look at it with a slightly sour eye, an odd restriction is rising eyebrows between the playerbase.

Square Enix implemented a new emote (/doze) to let players take a nap on the beds in their newly acquired houses (assuming that they can afford one), the funny thing is that said emote can’t be used outside of said houses, not even on beds and in inn rooms. You’d think it could be an oversight, but it’s actually intended, as explained by Community Manager Robert Peeler a while ago:

We’re glad you guys are excited for the new emote to use in Free Company Housing beds, and understand many of you want to use it elsewhere as well. However, the team has decided against the use of this emote in other places to prevent the taking of not especially appropriate screenshots. Likewise, the new emote cannot be used on Inn beds because lying down on that bed logs a player out of the game.

If you wanted to take a nap out in the sun (maybe on the new beaches of the Limsa Lominsa housing area), looks like you’re out of luck.


Interestingly enough, this isn’t the only rather odd issue of this kind included in the new patch. When you enter the new PvP arena you won’t see the names of your opponents, that will just be named “fresh meat.” Here’s why, from the mouth of Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida himself.

The opposing team’s members will have their names displayed as “Fresh Meat.” The names of your team members will be displayed normally during the battle, and after the fight everyone’s names will be displayed in the battle log. The reason for this is that I think there will be a lot of people experiencing PvP for the first time, and I felt it would be easier getting accustomed to PvP combat itself without worrying about specifically “who” you’re fighting. With the names not displayed, it will feel more like an NPC or monster. However, names will be displayed in the end of match log so you can see how much damage you took and check out what kind of gear your opponents were wearing via Lodestone. Handling names in this manner was my (Yoshi-P’s) own preference, nothing more and nothing less.

The original Japanese response actually said that players new to PvP could be “shocked” by being attacked by someone with an actual name, which is pretty funny.

It seems to me that Square Enix is being just slightly overprotective of its userbase. And that’s quite funny considering that while the game is rated “T,” the themes described in its dialogue are rather dark, and at time even quite spicy (for instance there are several instances of quite clearly implied prostitution). Of course this doesn’t even consider the fact that a lot of the available gear is quite revealing, especially when paired with the game’s nicely developed breast physics.

In addition to that, it’s already very possible to use the existing emotes in a rather naughty way. One example is the “/psych” emote, that on a few races produces a crotch thrust, and you can probably imagine what it’s often used for.

If course this is by no means a game breaking issue, or something people will quit the game over, but since the team is otherwise doing a great job with the game, maybe they should focus on important things instead of babying their players. We really don’t need to be told where we can sleep, or whether we can take being “killed” by a person with an actual name or not.