In Other Waters is One of the Most Intriguing Indie Games of Spring 2020

Subnautica meets Observer in Fellow Traveller and Gareth Damien Martin's In Other Waters, which comes to PC and Nintendo Switch this Spring.

When you think of games focused on extraterrestrial underwater exploration, Subnautica is the main title that comes to mind. It has found massive success, so creating a game with a similar setting seems like it would be a tall order. Thankfully, game journalist and developer Gareth Damien Martin has gone in a radically different and very intriguing direction within that same setting with their new game In Other Waters, which is coming to Mac, Nintendo Switch and PC soon.

In Other Waters sets itself apart by putting the player in control of the AI assistant to the actual diver that scans environments, studies new creatures and samples, and tries to micromanage the diver’s oxygen levels and power. This creates a calming aesthetic that comes across well in the game’s reveal trailer and also allows the game to be played with touch controls on Nintendo Switch. 2019’s Observation proved that this can be an entertaining perspective to control, so I am looking forward to seeing how that’s applied here.

It is worth noting that In Other Waters is very much a narrative-focused game as well. Building a relationship with the diver Ellery is a pivotal part of the game, which begins when Ellery travels to a new planet called Gliese 677Cc only to find it abandoned. Martin wants this game’s narrative to be “uniquely interpreted by the player,” so it is poised to be filled with a ton of intrigue and mysteries to solve. If you can drag yourself away from Subnautica, this is a very different kind of game and one that’s quickly garnered my attention.

Fellow Traveller is publishing the game, adding to the publisher’s solid lineup of indie games that includes titles like Neo Cab, The Church in the Darkness and Genesis Noir. Even though no specific release date was given at this time, Fellow Traveller and Martin plan to release the game for the aforementioned platforms sometime this Spring.

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Tomas Franzese

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