In PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 You Can Shoot Grenades in Midair; Graphics Lead Talks Tech

Some have criticized The Order: 1886 for the apparent simplicity of gameplay (like it was necessarily a bad thing), but there are some rather interesting features that probably won’t be evident on a limited test run done at an industry event, as mentioned by CTO Andrea Pessino.

We also learn something more about the tech involved in the game’s visuals thanks to Lead Graphics Programmer Matt Pettineo:

Basically Ready at Dawn’s tools ensure that texel density (a texel is basically a pixel on a texture. Texel density is the texture resolution in a certain area) remains consistent on models’ polygons, avoiding warping and squashing. This may be one of the reasons why the game’s textures always look so clean and pristine.

Looks like Ready at Dawn isn’t using Screen Space Reflections (which were for instance extensively used by Guerrilla Games in Killzone: Shadow Fall), which often cause problems and glitches depending on the angle of viewing, while shadowing is obtained via the use of occlusion capsules (two half spheres connected by a cylinder) wrapped around objects to simulate their shape.

One thing is for sure: Ready at Dawn’s tech definitely looks impressive, and The Order: 1886 seems to be well positioned to be one of the most beautiful games of 2015. The little but interesting details described by Pessino might also ensure that gameplay lives up to the visuals.

Giuseppe Nelva

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