In the Shadows Enters Closed Beta, Still Casts an Impressive Shadow

In the Shadows Enters Closed Beta, Still Casts an Impressive Shadow

It’s been over a year since we last covered the light and dark puzzler, In the Shadows. A lot has changed since developer Colorspace Studio’s successful Kickstarter and now the game has reached the beta stage. Unfortunately for now this test period is closed to the 600ish backers of the project. And even though the game is planned for PS4 and Xbox One, the beta is restricted to the always popular Steam PC build.

Since it’s been awhile, here’s a recap of the game straight from the devs themselves:

“In The Shadows is a story about a man who dives back into his childhood imaginary world, to remember his past, to make sense of his life. A deep emotional journey about confronting your fears, moving forward.”

The puzzle elements of the platformer are centered around light sources and the shadows they create. Monsters struck by a sudden rush of illumination will be transformed into different objects that will help you continue on your journey. That might be a key to unlock a stubborn door or a trampoline to help you jump higher.

The game features some collect-a-thon features while also focusing on a deep narrative. These include:

  • Multiple fantastic worlds to explore.
  • Many monsters with each their own mechanics.
  • Many levels to explore with challenging puzzles to solve.
  • Hidden levels and secrets to uncover!
  • Colorful environments with real time lighting!
  • Beautiful music made exclusively for the game.
  • A deep emotional story about fears and comfort.

A recent Kickstarter update shed some light on the upcoming beta. Backers at the $35 CDN level or higher are eligible to take part during this period. This version will contain 11 levels for people to play around in. Colorspace Studio is not against their testers sharing short videos and screenshots online but they ask that no one spoil ‘too much’ of the game.

While this is a closed trial period, the update mentioned that the team might ‘expand[ the beta] to more people later on’ depending on how it goes. Whether this includes people that aren’t backers of the project remains to be seen.

Even though I won’t be able to take part in this trial period, just seeing In the Shadows makes me excited. The puzzles look very well put together and some of the layered pixel backgrounds look gorgeous. Unfortunately it’s impossible to tell at this time how long we’ll have to wait to play the game. It was supposed to launch in late 2016 but now the release schedule is a simple ‘coming soon’ for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The Steam trailer is available below: