In The Witcher 3 The Biggest Monster is Bigger than Two Griffins; The World is “Fuc*ing Enormous”

In The Witcher 3 The Biggest Monster is Bigger than Two Griffins; The World is “Fuc*ing Enormous”

Witchers hunt monsters, and Geratlt of Rivia is the best of them. That’s why it’s to be expected that fans would be curious on just how big is the biggest monster they can slay.

Senior Game Designer Damien Monnier finally answered that question on the game’s official forums when asked if the biggest critter is equivalent to a) one griffin, b) two griffins, c) three griffin or d) huge as f**k.

We have monsters that are bigger than the griffin, so I would say between b) & c), but that definitely equals to d).

Speaking about size (because it matters, right?) Monnier explained why the developer has been very reluctant in giving precise figures on the size of the world:

The reason you have heard different things is because it’s hard to calculate, you have a lot of landmass but oceans too, and small islands scattered around. You know, that’s one of the reasons during interviews now I just say “massive” because I have no clue. Whenever I try to calculate it I come up with “Fucking enormous”.

The Q&A also included some further interesting information, like the fact that having a relationship with one character could lock away the chance to have “fun” with another.

I don’t know about prostitutes, I’m sort of a one girl kind a guy, but for sure choosing somebody over somebody else could close off options – like in real life.

We also hear more about how killed enemies respawn:

They do respawn. Each group will have a different respawn time and basically as you walk around and trigger them at various times, their respawn will also be staggered if you would. So by doing your first pass you sort of shuffle the spawns around (or set the countdown).

All our living world encounters will respawn at some point, usually after 2 in-game days. It is possible that he was attacked in one place by some monsters, he killed them and two days later they respawned in the same area, but this area could be big, or they could have been aggroed by something in the distance. There could be so many variables to be honest. Our system is quite organic, we didn’t want it to feel fake where you would always have monster x at some exact same spot. Our monsters wander around and so on.

Personally, I really can’t wait to give the game a try. Hopefully it’ll leave up to the massive expectations it built, but considering what I’ve seen and heard so far, my money is on “yes, oh yes.”