Watch_Dogs has “Endless” Content; Whole City Unlocked Since the Beginning

Watch_Dogs has “Endless” Content; Whole City Unlocked Since the Beginning

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the length of games, and looks like in Watch_Dogs you won’t run out of stuff to do even after completing the game, as mentioned by Creative Director Jonathan Morin on Twitter when asked if NPC events will always happen in free roam mode.

Certain types are endless (Potential Crimes & Various Online Stuff) while others aren’t. So the short answer is YES.

While it’s quite obvious for the online portion of the game to be infinite (so it doesn’t really count), it’s interesting to see that we won’t run out of potential crimes to watch or prevent even while we play in single player.

Morin also added that the whole city will be accessible from the start like any normal city, and there won’t be convenient but pretty ridiculous impassable road blocks or broken bridges to gate content out for the first half of the story.

No, Chicago is free of access like a normal city. But you need to work to monitor it all…

With “monitor,” he meant a feature that prompts the player to build his own surveillance network across the whole city.

Watch_Dogs may have stirred controversy due to its recent visual showcase, but it definitely seems that there won’t be no shortage of content to enjoy right from the beginning and past the ending of the game, and that definitely sounds like a sweet perk.