In Watch_Dogs You can Stand Still and Still Play for 20 Minutes: it Was a “Pain in the a*s to Build”

In Watch_Dogs You can Stand Still and Still Play for 20 Minutes: it Was a “Pain in the a*s to Build”

During a developer session at Eurogamer Expo Watch_Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin explained something that he feels sets the game apart from other world experiences: subtle gameplay. He also mentioned that it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to develop.

There’s another layer to it which I wanna talk about, that is a pain in the a*s to build to be quite frank. It’s the subtle gameplays. It’s something I’ve never really seen in games before and it’s something that I think we’ll see more and more in games.

In Watch_Dogs you can pretty much stand still and play the game…for 20 minutes. Which is a bit crazy when you think about it. You can just wander around, stop and start profiling everybody. Listen to phone calls, get rewards, progressing, stumble against a guy that you need to tail and see if you have to intervene or something, and the next thing you know, you went from standstill to foot chase, to car chase, to the motherfuc*er calling his friends and and now it’s escalating into one of those unbelievable situations.

That kind of things was very important to us to bring density in the open world, which is still something that’s lacking. Some times we push a lot with scale, which is awesome, but some times we end up with scale being nothing less than space between A to B, so we wanted to shrink that A to B and make sure that there’s a lot to do between the two.

Personally, I can’t wait to experience that. There are a lot of situations in which i’m a bit distracted and I can’t run around too much, and this seems perfect for these situations, without even mentioning the fact that, according to Morin, this kind of gameplay seems to be deep enough to actually command your whole attention despite the fact that you’re not moving, and that’s even more interesting.