Inafune Approves of Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken

on January 27, 2012 8:00 PM

Okay, so the PS3/PS Vita console exclusive characters for Street Fighter X Tekken look like complete and utter garbage (excluding Cole). Kuro , Toro, Pac-man/Mokujin and a full grown man in a Mega Man costume simply aren’t good enough reasons for 360 gamers to be salty. Speaking of a full grown man in a Mega Man costume, a fan asked producer Yoshinori Ono via Twitter why this iteration of Mega Man was chosen over one of his…um…less repulsive designs. The answer is more interesting than you might have thought. 

It turns out that this version of Mega Man was requested specifically by Keiji Inafune himself. Apparently Ono-san had a consultation with Inafune-san one year ago about Mega Man’s inclusion in SF X T.  The result of this consultation is “bad box art” Mega Man as a playable character in one of this year’s biggest fighting games. Personally, I find this character atrocious and think Capcom could have did much, much better for console exclusive characters. Guess I’ll be picking up the Xbox 360 version then. SF X T launches March 6th.


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