Inafune Works for ‘Comcept’?

Inafune Works for ‘Comcept’?


Keiji Inafune made headlines back in late October when he parted ways with Capcom. He’d worked for the powerhouse Japanese publisher for more than twenty three years. Apparently, Inafune was spotted by a security analyst in Tokyo, who recognized him immediately and engaged him.

The analyst supposedly exchanged business cards with Inafune and his card claimed that he worked for a company named Comcept. The analyst claims that Comcept is a company that Inafune himself has started since leaving Capcom, though this is a rumor at best. The analyst told the world this by way of his Twitter account here.

His Twitter habits don’t suggest he’d make something like this up. He’s been a member since May and has only made twenty two tweets, including this one. If this is true, Inafune-san makes an obvious reference to Capcom with the name Comcept picking up where the former ends. Hopefully we’ll get more news on this would-be headliner some time soon.