Afterburn's Latest Mobile Puzzler Inbento is Out Today

Inbento is the latest puzzle game from mobile developer Afterburn. The game combines excellent puzzles with cute cats making bento boxes.

September 3, 2019

Afterburn is the small studio behind the excellent mobile puzzle card game Golf Peaks. The game is one of the best puzzle games of last year and the team is back with their follow-up. While the last game was an ingenious mix of golf and card-based puzzles, inbento mixes their great puzzle gameplay with a cat building a bento lunch. Give the launch trailer a watch below.

As you can see in the trailer, the puzzles start off easy enough. You’re simply moving different ingredients in the most basic ways. However, just like in Golf Peaks, the complexity of each puzzle quickly goes through the roof. Of course, once each puzzle clicks they feel so simple, but some puzzles that seem easy in hindsight will stump you for minutes at a time. It also doesn’t hurt that the cutesy art style has tons of charm.


The beauty of Golf Peaks was how it used different things in real-life golf as obstacles in the puzzles. For instance, spaces of sand and water functioned differently than normal spaces, forcing you to creatively use your cards to get past them. I’m interested to see what inbento does to diversify its puzzles as you move through the game. Bento box making doesn’t immediately jump out with possibilities as golf did; however, Afterburn has my trust after the hours of entertainment they gave me with Golf Peaks.

Inbento is out now on iOS. If like me, you’re on Android, the game should be coming out sometime very soon.


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