Inception-Inspired Past Cure Gets New Story Trailer

Inception-Inspired Past Cure Gets New Story Trailer

PS4, Xbox One, and PC sci-fi thriller Past Cure receives new story trailer.

A new story trailer of German developer Phantom 8 Studio’s upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and PC game, Past Cure, has been released.

Past Cure is a game inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Inception and personally reminds me a bit of Heavy Rain. The game follows the story of Elite-soldier, Ian, who is chasing the men who betrayed him and transformed him as they held him captive for years in a dark prison located somewhere in Europe where he was subject to a variety of secret human trials.

The experiments apparently left him changed, and equipped with powerful skills such as telekinesis and thought manipulation. But these new powers came with a price: the price of his sanity. Every time Ian users one of his powers, the madness within him grows.

With the help of his brother Markus and double-agent Sophia, Ian will hunt the men that have stolen his sanity from him, and along the way will come face-to-face with Eastern European cartels, secret lodges, and unscrupulous scientists, as well as an adversary who seems to not be of this world.

Past Cure is in development for the aforementioned consoles, and is currently without a release date. Below, you can check out the new trailer: