Independent Release of Limited Edition Fable III Controller Shows Respect for Cash-Strapped Gamers

By Jack Palmeri

August 16, 2010

No, that’s not a skin.

As we previously reported, on October 5 Microsoft will be releasing their Limited Edition Fable III wireless controller. Being debuted 3 weeks before Fable III hits store shelves, there has been no word yet from Microsoft or Lionhead if this controller will be released in any deluxe package with the game itself.

With the massive influx of limited edition game releases packaging exclusive but otherwise useless swag (Halo, Call of Duty, GoldenEye, and the list is only getting longer), Microsoft is taking a unique approach to getting cash-strapped gamers to throw in a few extra coins for unnecessary yet fantastically attractive accessories. Practically speaking, this approach seems to actually be a fairer and more respectful way to entice gamers.

While devoted fans will pick up Fable III regardless, its truly gracious for Microsoft to give loyalists the chance to purchase what they can, when they can. It’s a terrible feeling to not be able to pick up these kind of great extras simply because it couldn’t be afforded at the same time as the intended purchase of the game itself. No gamer should be made to choose between holding out to buy a limited edition release while their friends enjoy it now, buying the game alone so that they could eat, or buying the limited edition and simply not eating.

Here, Microsoft is acknowledging the obvious: if it’s a good product, gamers will pick it up as soon as they can, and often still sooner than later. But, also, they’re doing something deeper. Microsoft is essentially saying, ‘hey, if you want to get a jump on the extra goodies we’ll let you do it now, because we KNOW you’re going to buy the game when we release it.’ It’s brilliant without being snobbish.

Microsoft is calling out other publishers and console makers with a better tactic for a quality component.  How many of you would really buy Activision’s radio control car separately if it wasn’t only bundled with Black Ops?

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