Index Holdings Tosses Out a Lot of Numbers in Earnings Report

Index Holdings Tosses Out a Lot of Numbers in Earnings Report

For those of you who might not catch on to the name right away, Index Holdings is the parent company of Atlus and Atlus USA, which produces such titles as the Persona franchise and, more recently, Catherine. In an earnings report published today, some interesting sales figures were revealed. While most of the numbers for were Japan, there are some international figures tossed in as well. Hit the break to check out a quick rundown of what was shown off in the report.

  • Catherine sales domestically (in Japan): 260,000 units on both platforms combined
  • Catherine sales internationally: 230,000 units on both platforms combined

Unfortunately they did not break down the sales into PS3 and Xbox 360 figures separately, even though that would certainly be some interesting information to behold. Here’s some more figures:

  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP): 112,000 units
  • Devil Survivor 2 (DS): 106,000 units

Both those figures are for domestic sales only. Persona 2: Innocent Sin was released in North America only a few short weeks ago, and Devil Survivor 2 is yet to have a solid release date in the West.

  • The Persona series as a whole has sold over 1.65 million units in Japan alone.

Index Holdings Tosses Out a Lot of Numbers in Earnings Report
That’s an interesting figure, which you can probably add a lot to if you include international sales. There was also mention that their other Persona 4 titles (The Golden and The Ultimate Miyonaka Arena) are set to initially release in Japan in the Spring of 2012 (the latter being released on arcades first, and then on home consoles).

It seems Atlus and their parent company are doing quite well for themselves, especially considering over half a million copies of Catherine were sold worldwide. That sounds like a win to me.