MachineGames Is Working on an Original Indiana Jones Game

MachineGames Is Working on an Original Indiana Jones Game

MachineGames, the studio behind the Wolfenstein reboot series, announced today that it is working on an "original" Indiana Jones game.

Fans will remember MachineGames as the team behind the excellent Wolfenstein reboot series. There, they’ve made a name for themselves as a studio that can deliver solid gameplay and bombastic stories full of memorable moments. And now, the team is looking to spread its development wings by taking on a new IP. Today, they announced they’re working on an Indiana Jones game. Check out the very short teaser below.

It would appear that MachineGames is cornering the market on punching Nazis with this announcement. Not only will they eventually be giving us a fight against Mecha Hitler with the next Wolfenstein, but now we’ll also be lassoing them into oblivion with Indy. It’s also key to remember that this is a completely original tale, which makes it even more exciting. Giving MachineGames the leeway to create something new sounds like so much fun. And, given their flair for storytelling, I’m more than confident they’ll knock this out of the park.

Interestingly, the announcement also mentions Todd Howard is executive producing this game. He’s also working on both The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, so his plate seems to be overflowing. Of course, we don’t know how much of his time goes to each game; however, it’s worth noting that this is, I believe, the first time his name has been attached to a MachineGames title. It’s probably nothing, but I am intrigued to learn how much he’s involved.

As you’d probably expect we don’t know much more about this Indiana Jones game. No word on release date or consoles. Though, PlayStation fans should probably keep in mind Bethesda’s recent deal with Microsoft. I’m not saying it won’t ever come to PS5, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that did end up being the case.