Indie Fighting Game Cerebrawl Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Cerebrawl, the 2v2 4 player fighting game from Zero Dimension is entering the first stage of its Kickstarter campaign on January 23.

on January 10, 2018 3:30 PM

When Cerebrawl first began development it was the part-time dream of the team at Zero Dimension. Now, after having announced that the project will begin its Kickstarter campaign on January 23, they’re hoping to take on the project full-time.

You can find more about the Kickstarter launch announcement here on Thunderclap.

Cerebrawl is a 2-on-2 tag-team fighting game in which players are required to learn both their enemies’ movesets, but also their teammates in order to achieve success. With games like Marvel Vs Capcom in the game’s DNA, Zero Dimensions is hoping to go even deeper by allowing teammates to create unique combat scenarios in an attempt to K.O. their enemies.


The team is hoping that donations now will allow them to put the Kickstarter on blast across multiple media platforms.

Zero Dimension streams their development process twice a week and talks about the upcoming campaign broke in their latest stream. If you follow the Twitch streams at all you’ll get a glimpse into the game’s post-apocalyptic-sci-fi setting as well as some of the characters who remind me of Gorillaz music videos.

Cerebrawl will launch its Kickstarter campaign on January 23. Be sure to check back here for updates on the game’s development.

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