Indie Game Bite the Bullet Lets You Eat Your Enemies and Cause Mayhem

In Bite the Bullet, a new game from Mega Cat Studios, players can eat their enemies along the way and cause plenty of destruction.

Craving a new rogue-lite? Then get ready for Bite the Bullet, a new game from Mega Cat Studios which lets players cause destruction and eat their enemies along the way.

“In Bite the Bullet players satisfy their appetites for destruction by eating enemies, bullets and more to power up their character, weapons, and abilities,” says an official press release. “Players gun down adversaries with a barrage of bullets before dining on their corpses to craft new weapons, energize skills and special attacks, and transform into a powerful Zombro form to smash foes into smithereens. There are three branching skill trees based on diet – and players must always remember, you are what you eat!”

The game’s food-based class system lets you choose between classes like the vegetarian Slaughter of the Soil or the blood-soaked Gorivore. Additionally, each enemy has its own nutritional information and your character’s body type will change depending on what you eat. There are also plants that you can eat such as a Lawful Good Banana which will temporarily boost your melee damage.

Once you’ve eaten enough, you can turn into a Zombro, a melee mode that makes players invulnerable. On top of that, the game features nine bosses which can also be consumed and offer unique abilities.

Along the way, you’ll get the chance to loot weapons from the enemies you defeat. Each weapon has its own unique modifier such as the Spicy Critter Cannons and the Organic Meat-Seeking Missles.

Players can also customize their character by consuming specific types of enemies. Additionally, you’ll be able to craft exotic weapons and customize your character’s skill tree with abilities such as the Napalm Vomit and Appetite for Destruction.

Bite the Bullet launches in January 2020 on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you’re interested, you can check out some screenshots from the game below.

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