Indie JRPG Shadows of Adam out February 23rd on PC/Mac – Launch Trailer Included

Indie JRPG Shadows of Adam out February 23rd on PC/Mac – Launch Trailer Included

If you’re feeling nostalgic for 16bit RPG sprites, impressive pixel art, and Phantasy Star style battles, than Shadows of Adam might be for you. The kickstarted title has reached completion and developer Something Classic Games are releasing it for PC and Mac on February 23rd via Steam.

The game starts within the village of Adam as the villagers’ hero Orazio vanishes. He leaves his two adopted children, Kellan and Asrael, and 10 years pass.

As the town starts to panic, the two children start to think that there’s a darker purpose with the happenings in the village and beyond as they seek out their father.

Gameplay is rooted in classic JRPGs but nixes the random battles of a lot of the older titles. You view battles from behind your pixelated heroes and each spell has unique animations. Action points will also play a big role as you can only use so much in one round of combat.

The game also boasts:

  • Compelling Character Driven Story: Shadows of Adam’s story is one with deep narrative and an interesting plot. The story revolves around 4 main characters: Asrael, Kellan, Curtis and Talon.
  • A Strategic AP Management Battle System: AP is restored between each round of battle automatically and through defeating enemies. This allows a unique attrition system that encourages skill use and fast combat.
  • Beautiful Visuals: Shadows of Adam features beautifully modernized visuals inspired by classic JRPGs of the SNES-era.
  • Original Soundtrack With Over 44 Tracks: An original soundtrack by Tyler Mire that’s inspired by music from the genre’s greatest games. This soundtrack includes unique themes for each area and character and has an emphasis on strong melody and emotional connection.

The backgrounds and small details are what make the graphics of Shadows of Adam stand out: From the expressions on the heroes’ faces to the spiraling vines of what looks like a plant boss. The music also sounds equally as epic, adding to the game’s appeal.

The game will retail at $14.99 USD on Steam and will be available for PC, Mac and Linux. It’s always nice to see another Kickstarter success story make it to a completed product and I hope the actual game satisfies backers and new buyers alike.

The launch trailer is an encounter awaiting below: