Indie Megabooth On Hiatus Until Coronavirus Pandemic Is Over

The indie game showcase, a major staple at conventions like PAX East and West, will sunset operations for the remainder of the coronavirus pandemic.

With many of gaming’s public events in limbo because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Indie Megabooth will be taking a break.

The showcase’s founder, Kelly Wallick, wrote in a letter published Wednesday that its team will “sunset” operations for the duration of the ongoing health crisis.

“Due to the circumstances around COVID-19 and the cancellation of many in-person events and the high level of uncertainty, we’re planning to sunset IMB for the duration of the pandemic,” Wallick wrote. “After nine years of working on and building the IMB, it was a difficult and disappointing decision to make. Realistically though, we’re a very small team and this situation is bigger than us. Our primary focus right now is to stay healthy and safe through the COVID-19 situation as it’s unfolding.”

Going into what Wallick called “hibernation,” the Indie Megabooth team will continue to work for the remainder of the month to both make the transition and support a partnered Steam sale from May 5-12 that it has now dubbed the “Going Away (for now) Sale.

The team also set up a PayPal for direct support, which will be used to close out its financial obligations and set aside funds for maintenance during its absence.

Since its inception in 2011, the Indie Megabooth has showcased more than 700 indie games at conventions and industry events across the globe, putting indie developers in direct contact with publishers, platform holders, and fans.

The booth became a major staple of conventions like PAX East and West, offering the chance to try out a variety of titles that often left attendees with a list of gems to look forward to, ones that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

The video game industry has already taken a number of serious hits from the pandemic, and the indefinite hiatus of the Indie Megabooth is another tough one to absorb.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into building this and am constantly humbled and honored by our community and the games industry which has been so welcoming and supportive,” Wallick wrote. “It’s been an incredible journey, and I can’t believe that any of this was even possible in the first place. Let alone for nine years!!

“Although this is really sad, I want to celebrate all the good we were able to do together and the impact we all had on the indie scene as it was expanding and changing over the last decade.”

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