Indie Megabooth's PAX West Lineup Officially Revealed

PAX West is happening in just a few weeks and this year's Indie Megabooth is featuring nearly 70 titles over the four-day convention.

August 9, 2019

One of the more fun things that happen at each PAX is finding out which games are going to be in the Indie Megabooth. The booth is a giant collection of some of the best and most interesting indie games in the industry. It’s often a place to see where some of the best innovation in the industry is happening. Today, the team behind the booth has revealed which games will be available at PAX West later this month.

The Megabooth will feature almost 70 games at this con. 45 will be there for the entire time, while the others will rotate in-and-out of the Minibooth over the weekend. The booth features a smorgasbord of different genres, but all of them bring something unique to the table. While I won’t be attending PAX, I can’t wait to see some of these games in action.


Some of the games we’ve already seen a bit of at different events. Games like Creature in the Well, Haven, and Spiritfarer have had great showings at various events over the summer. I’m particularly excited for Creature in the Well as its mix of pinball-inspired action and dungeon crawling seem like a cool matchup. Another game I’ll be paying close attention to is Dunk Lords. This 2v2 basketball beat ’em up looks incredible in its teaser trailer and I can’t wait to see what it does with its NBA Jam meets League of Legends gameplay. I’d also keep an eye on Arcade Spirits, RoboCo, and Superliminal. While all the games at the booth are worth a look, those are the ones that immediately caught my eye.

PAX West takes place in Seattle, WA from August 30 to September 2. Here’s the full list of titles that will be at the Indie Megabooth.


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