Indie Royale Now Taking Pre-Orders for New Year’s Bundle

on January 2, 2012 3:00 PM

If you’ve been paying attention the past few months you might already be aware of the fact that bundles are all the rage. All the cool kids are doing it, and not all of them are from Steam. Indie Royale is kicking off pre-orders for an upcoming New Year’s Bundle that is sure to be a success.

You can pre-order now for the recommended €/£/$5 to €/£/$10 USD contribution, or the minimum of $3.99 USD. Anybody who pre-orders will get George & Jonathan’s chiptune album “Beautiful Lifestyle”, and anybody who pays more than the minimum during the actual sale will receive it as well. Check after the break for the site’s description of the games that will be included. 

The titles to be offered will include a premium blend of FPS and RTS (Steam for PC and Mac), an innovative single-player puzzle game (Steam for PC and Mac, Desura for PC, DRM-free PC and Mac download), an award-winning 2D platformer (Steam for PC and Mac, plus an enhanced version for Desura PC, DRM-free PC and Mac download) and a world premiere on PC/Mac for an acclaimed arcade shooter with a twist (Desura for PC, DRM-free PC and Mac download).


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