Twitch: Why Has Streamer Indiefoxx Been Banned Again?

Twitch: Why Has Streamer Indiefoxx Been Banned Again?

This time, it possibly wasn't her fault!

Indiefoxx has been banned again from Twitch, this will be the third time the popular streamer has been banned from the platform. All of Indiefoxx’s bans have come since the beginning of 2021. Quite an impressive feat. But what lead to her third Twitch ban on February 23, 2021?

Who Is Indiefoxx?

Jenelle Dagres, who is better known as ‘Indiefoxx’, is a popular Twitch streamer that has over three hundred thousand followers on the platform. Before her third ban, Indiefoxx’s latest stream averaged over four thousand concurrent viewers.

Indiefoxx’s Previous Bans

Indiefoxx’s first ban came on January 28, 2021, and lasted for three days. The reason for her first ban is unclear but fellow Twitch streamer Jakenbake pointed out that Indiefoxx’s swimsuit was rather see-through during the live stream.

After returning to Twitch following her first ban, Indiefoxx was banned yet again less than 24 hours later. The reason for this ban was a little more, in your face, so to say. Indiefoxx had streamed herself wearing lingerie and writing subscriber’s names across her body and chest. This second ban also lasted for three days.

But what led to Indiefoxx being banned for the third time?

Why was Indiefoxx banned again?

On February 23, 2021, Indiefoxx went live with a music stream, but this ended in her channel being banned for the third time. Considering the reasons for past bans, it seems strange that Twitch has chosen to ban Indiefoxx for a simple music stream. As we all know, she could have done much worse!

Indiefoxx has spoken out about the ban, stating that she feels the ban is “BS and sexist”. She also said she now realises how sexualised the female body is, even without trying.

Due to Twitch not commenting publicly on streamer bans, the exact reason for Indiefoxx being banned again isn’t clear right now. Any reason found online is simply speculation as of writing. As this is Indiefoxx’s third ban, it’s unclear if she’ll be able to return to the platform, or if this ban is permanent.

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