Indiefoxx Banned Again (April 7) - What Did The Twitch Streamer Do?

4 bans in 4 months! A new Twitch record?

It looks like Indiefoxx has been banned from Twitch for a record-breaking fourth time on April 7. That makes it four bans within four months for the popular streamer.

We’ve put together everything we know about the latest ban, and to catch you up there’s even a summary of Indiefoxx’s previous bans.

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Who Is Indiefoxx?

Jenelle Dagres, who is better known as ‘Indiefoxx’, is a popular Twitch streamer that has over three hundred thousand followers on the platform. Before her latest ban, Indiefoxx’s latest stream averaged over four thousand concurrent viewers.

According to Indiefoxx’s Twitter account, she is a singer, model, and entrepreneur.

Indiefoxx’s Previous Bans

Indiefoxx’s first ban came on January 28, 2021, and lasted for three days. The reason for her first ban is unclear, but fellow Twitch streamer Jakenbake pointed out that Indiefoxx’s swimsuit was rather see-through during the live stream.

After returning to Twitch following her first ban, Indiefoxx was banned yet again less than 24 hours later. The reason for this ban was a little more, in your face, so to say. Indiefoxx had streamed herself wearing lingerie and writing subscriber’s names across her body and chest. This second ban also lasted for three days.

Then on February 23 of 2021, Indiefoxx was banned yet again. This time the ban wasn’t for a clear cut reason. The Twitch streamer had simply gone live performing with her guitar, but the Twitch ban hammer still decided to come down on her.

So, what caused the latest ban to Twitch streamer Indiefoxx?

Why Was Indiefoxx Banned On April 7?

It looks like Indiefoxx’s fourth ban isn’t related to her attire this time around. The Twitch streamer has released the email she received from Twitch stating the reason for her ban. You can find the tweet with the relevant information below.

It looks like Indiefoxx has received her fourth ban for ‘selling Twitch services or features’ according to Twitch themselves.

She claims that it could be due to selling VIP for 100 gifters, but this is not against the Twitch terms of service according to Indiefoxx. It looks like she tagged Twitch Support to appeal the decision or gain further clarification.

It’s also unclear how long Indiefoxx’s ban from the platform will be, but going off of her previous history it’s likely to be three days before she can return to Twitch.

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