inFAMOUS Turns 10 Years Old, Sucker Punch Celebrates With Early Development Facts and Videos

inFAMOUS Turns 10 Years Old, Sucker Punch Celebrates With Early Development Facts and Videos

For the tenth anniversary of the original inFAMOUS, Sucker Punch tweets out a thread containing early development facts and videos.

Today is the tenth anniversary of inFAMOUS, the first game in the franchise making its debut on May 26th, 2009. To celebrate such an auspicious occasion, Sucker Punch decided to tweet out an informative thread on the history of the original title. The results are bursting with development facts and videos.

  • Originally the game was to be called True Hero, although Sucker Punch had many other names.
  • You could change between superhero and civilian clothes
  • You could customize buildings to revamp neighborhoods and make civilians happy
  • The protagonist was originally called Gearwolf
  • Characters spoke in a gibberish language and NPCs emoted
  • Light customization features, such as hairstyles and costumes, were to be included
  • The hero could use telekinetic powers to bring throwable objects to him, which he could then wield as weapons
  • There was going to be vehicle tricks such as motorcycle parkour
  • The dev team experimented with an ability to “skate” using an invisible energy shield
  • As a bonus, Zeke’s voice is still used as the Sucker Punch outgoing voicemail

It’s always so fascinating seeing a game’s early development process and what features were introduced, then subsequently tossed as the developmental process moves on. It’s interesting to note how inFAMOUS was originally meant to be a straightforward heroic game, before the dev team decided to create the more morally ambiguous Karma system.

Although I can’t help but feel cheated that we never got our awesome motorcycle parkour — it definitely would have added to the narrative in my opinion. I would highly suggest checking out the full Twitter thread posted below, so you can see all the neat assets for yourself.

Sucker Punch’s current project is a PS4 exclusive title called Ghost of Tsushima, which was revealed during Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference and received more information during Sony’s 2018 E3 conference. There’s tons of rich historic detail behind the title and Sucker Punch is even working with real Kenjutsu masters to make it as authentic as possible. You can preorder the game here.

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