inFAMOUS 2 Coming June 7th

By Kyle Durant

February 18, 2011

With the previous release only teased as summer, the shocking (see what I did there?) sequel gets a solid release date…June 7th, 2011. Perhaps it will be pushed forward like the first game, but not at the expense of quality mind you. With the second installment you can expect to see dynamic open world environments, cutting-edge graphics, large-scale gameplay moments and powerful cinematic sequences.

This time around Cole takes his talents to New Marais, a southern, swamp-like city, as he prepares for the inevitable encounter with “The Beast”. The difference this time is the karma system. It is said to be a bit more than black and white than the previous game. As a result expect two vastly different endings and gameplay experiences.

Also, be sure to check out the inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition which features a 8.5 inch Cole statue, a Cole sling messenger bag, the inFAMOUS comic by DC Comics, and a soundtrack all for around $99.99. This release looks to be nothing short of a summer blockbuster and is definitely on my “to get list”. So for those of you, for some reason, who haven’t played the first game…you got a few months left before the internet is full of spoilers. You probably deserve the game to be spoiled seeing as how you didn’t play one of the best games from 2009. Just saying.

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