Infamous 2 Update 3 Released

on September 9, 2011 7:00 AM

If you haven’t had enough of Infamous 2 yet, get ready for a handful of more goodies aimed to add/fix to the electrifying world that Cole occupies with Sucker Punch’s release of Update 3.

With nearly 80,000 user-made missions in the game (yep, that sure is a lot), the new features will allow players Devourer and Titan bosses; it will give players the ability to chain together user-made missions via Mission Linking; and being able to write short reviews of these abundant user-made missions, as well. Maybe nothing too lengthy like your average review, but something more along the lines of “Avoid at all cost.”

The addition of the above, as mentioned before, also comes with a bit of tweaks, additions and fixes.

Some of goodness you can expect from Sucker Punch’s Update 3 include:

  • Relative Health – You can now change Health and Cole’s Energy modifiers as percentages
  • Volume/Monitor Reset – New Reset when option on Volume and Monitor logic objects lets you change how or when they can be reset after being triggered
  • Author Mission Search – Search results will now display the level author’s name.

While players will be treated to Update 3 this month, October’s Festival of Blood looks to be even better, as the standalone PSN spin-off pits our hero Cole against ferocious, blood-sucking vampires. Oh, how much I love Halloween…

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