inFAMOUS Movie Still a Long Way Off

inFAMOUS Movie Still a Long Way Off


Sure there was a script written for an inFAMOUS movie two years ago. That doesn’t mean it will be acted upon and that’s exactly what inFAMOUS 2 producer, Brian Flemming, pointed out in a conversation with CVG. Nor does he know anything about the movie business and how it could benefit protagonist Cole MacGrath. With that spark of insight coming from a producer…rest assured that an inFAMOUS movie won’t happen anytime soon.

CVG asked Mr. Flemming if inFAMOUS would ever make the jump to the big screen. He replied in a “humorous” fashion saying he gets asked that a lot but he is a video game guy and doesn’t know anything about making movies. He speculates if the movie could actually happen but admits the skepticism involved.

“It feels like we’re still infinitely far away from having an inFAMOUS movie. Could it happen? Absolutely it could happen. Will it happen? I’m pretty skeptical, I don’t know.”

The lack of knowledge isn’t the only thing holding back a Cole movie. Flemming is worried that in order to make the movie they might have to cut corners which would be “disrespectful” to the game. After all not every book-to-movie/video game-to-movie adaptation is successful. However, making a movie true to its inspiration is a completely separate goal. Even with all these pessimistic comments Flemming would still be excited to work on a movie. “I would be excited only because of the life experience for me.” So here’s hoping!

Do you feel inFAMOUS should be made into a movie readers?