InFAMOUS: Second Son Gets More ARG Sites, Possibly Teases the Game’s Powers

InFAMOUS: Second Son Gets More ARG Sites, Possibly Teases the Game’s Powers

A few days ago Sony Computer Entertainment opened the inFAMOUS: Paper Trail, an ARG game tied to InFAMOUS: Second Son, starting with the website, that offered a “free screening test” to earn Karma. Since then more websites have been unveiled, offering interesting details. gives an in-depth overview on the lore of the conduits unique to the inFAMOUS series, and more can be found at This is where things really start getting interesting, as the brochure you can download from that site (and that you can see below) includes the following text:

Thus far, Electrical, Wire, Glass, Paper, Shadow, and Magnetic conduit proteints have been uncovered, barely scratching the surface of the many classifications of conduit types.

This could very well be a well hidden tease of some of the powers that will be included in the game, even if we can’t be sure of that. Some of those would be definitely interesting, though.

And that’s not all: today another discovery has been made by Reddit user Nietzsche_Peachy: the domain has been registered and is organized by 42 Entertainment and Kevin Burkhardt. 42 Entertainment is the same developer that created the other websites. The Department of Unified Protection (or DUP) is the oppressing police force that Delsin Rowe fights against in inFAMOUS: Second Son.

At the moment the site is completely empty, but that’s probably where the paper trail will lead next, and where we’ll probably learn about the organization and the lore of the DUP.