inFAMOUS: Second Son: if You’re Evil You Gotta be Fast, if You’re Good You Can’t Make Mistakes

on March 15, 2014 5:56 AM

During a preview event held this week in Rome Sucker Punch Productions Studio Head Brian Fleming explained something definitely interesting about the difference between playing good and evil in inFAMOUS: Second Son.

The difference is rather radical and it influences how you gain streak points in order to activate the devastating Karma bomb moves, or better, how you don’t lose them.

We already knew that when you’re evil, you gain streak points by killing enemies. When you’re good you gain them by incapacitating them (which is often used by hitting their legs precisely). When you reach a streak of seven, your karma bomb is ready.

The interesting detail and the most radical difference is that there are precise conditions to keep the streak going. When you’re evil you’re on a timer. If you don’t kill anyone in a (rather short) period of time, you lose your streak and you have to start over.┬áTalk about bloodthirsty.

When you’re good you have a lot more time, but you can’t make mistakes. If you kill someone your streak is gone.

This influences a lot the way you play, at least if you want to see the fireworks. When you’re evil you have ton be fast and furious, never wasting time in between slaughtering DUP soldiers. When you’re good you have to aim carefully and avoid the head of your enemies.

That’s definitely a quite original way of handling the difference between fighting as a hero and being a villainous messenger of carnage, and another testament to Sucker Punch’s creativity.

What path will you choose?

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